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Five Senses

Lavender outside my workshop Smell - I've been on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I opened up my workshop this morning and began to clean it, ready for work, it smelt wonderful. Lavender bushes outside mingled with the evocative smell of my freshly oiled rolling mill, the sweet acid of the pickle I clean my work with and warm dusty wood of my workbench. Sight - Colour has always been vital to my work. I love the subtle tones of contrasting metals from the soft sheen of silver to the industrial grey of titanium. Then there's the rainbow colours of resin or acrylic and in my latest work, pictured here, a touch of bright linen thread oxidised silver chain with linen thread Hearing - I like to work to music. We have a discussion thread on the etsymetal forum called "studio tunes". Imagine all those jewellers worldwide singing along to their favourite rock songs or arias. Haha, did you shudder? My workshop has really thin wooden walls and I pity my

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