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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ring a Day 2010

One of the most exciting new challenges, for me, so far this year has been the Ring a Day project on flickr.
I'm a member of the Etsymetal Team, and a fine, creative bunch of metalsmiths they are, too. 
One of the team, Nina Dinoff, started this project to make a ring, every day, by any means, in any material . Open to all, it's a real creative boost and has a wonderful buzz to it. 
Pictured here are my rings so far. Mostly, I've used recycled materials, like leather scraps, an old diary, even kitchen string. It's a great opportunity to try new materials and ideas lurking at the back of my sketchbook . Why don't you join in?  Oh, and  keep an eye on my flickr uploads for my version of the ring cycle.
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