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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Evolution of a pair of Earrings

It started when I bought these pretty aquamarines from a lovely bloke in Bourton on the Water.
He was completely non-plussed. Why would you buy semi-cut stones? Did I not want them faceted, polished?
Nope. I love the smooth tactile finish, the little peaks and most of all the soft, soft blue.
As I'd bought 2 and they matched, I guess I had earrings in mind, already.
Something simple.
Usually I design, draw, finesse before I even pick up the silver.
These just evolved.
I played with the shape of the setting, the size of the hoop,the texture, the "angle of dangle", the suface finish.
The result is more organic than my usual style, a pair of summer earrings, simple, unfussy.
Hope you like them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Round and Round we go.

I was making a pair of spiral cufflinks this week and thinking how tricky such a simple shape is to get right . Looking them up for a mathematical clue , I discovered there are so many different types, from your neat Archimedean to my favourite "spira mirabilis" or miraculous spirals, named by Bernoulli for their mathematical beauty.
A feature lost on me, but they look like ammonites, which I love and are numerous around here. Here's one we found on the beach at Lyme Regis recently, It's a meter (3 feet) across!
They're such a fundamental part of part of nature and mathematics and their appeal is as ancient as the sun.
It's no surprise, then, that jewellers return to this motif nor that it's so popular. I certainly can't resist .
The orange ring pictured here was one of my first resin pieces, the cufflinks my most recent.
So, I'm still practicing .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Treasure from the Nemeton

Look! Look! Look! what I won!
This gorgeous hand-beaded, intricate bracelet is from the talented Lynn in the sacred grove that is Nemeton.
Lynn, as you may know, sets confounding riddles in her Treasuries on Etsy. I still can't believe I worked one out.
Anyway, my prize arrived today and here I am, wearing it.
Outrageous and improbable as this sounds, Lynn also admits to a secret ambition to win the Ugly Necklace Contest for Britain .
So, please follow this link and vote to bring the gold back to Dorset.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jewellers need more jewellery

My lovley man bought me a present this week. How lucky(and spoilt)am I? A wire-wrapped, beautifully-made, perfect fit, gorgeous ring form Revonav on Etsy. He has a truly fabulous shop and I feel this may be the start of an interesting collection. Take a look for yourself. http//revonav.etsy.com/
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Friday, June 05, 2009

Summer Colour

I was so inspired by the lovely coral poppy in my garden, that I had to make some earrings the same colour.
It reminds me of Caribbean sunshine and long warm summer evenings. I wish!
I am delighted with the surface texture. Mottled doesn't seem a nice word for it, though.
Freckled, perhaps, as a sprinkling of freckles on my nose is another sign of summer.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Orange Glow

Yesterday, I realised I hadn't made any colourful earrings for ages. I love this new shape and I've made some coral ones, too.
I can never resist this lovely energetic colour. I dyed my entire bedroom orange when I was 11. Curtains, bedding, rugs the works. So you can see this is a lifetime commitment.
Perversley, I don't eat oranges. It's the unkown factor. Will that first bite be sweet or sour. Ugh! Shuder-worthy.
More colours soon.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Flower Power

June in an English garden, even one as small as mine, is full of explosions of colour.
Every trip to my workshop brings fresh discoveries of beautiful half-remembered flowers that have burst from nowhere.
This gorgeous poppy"Raspberry Queen" has given one perfect bloom this year and , you know, I'd forgotten it was there. How could I?
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