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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is sharing good ?

Confession time A desire for"Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes" was my real motive for becoming a jeweller. I love making rings and I like to share the process with my clients . However, it suddenly occurs to me that they may have serious doubts about my "skills" when I send them pictures like the one on the left. I remember, with horror, the first time I annealed a piece of metal and it went all black, I thought I'd ruined it! What must my customers think? I blanch when I imagine my lovely client holding her breath in anticipation of the next set of pictures. Then these arrive and her heart sinks. Sloppy resin all over the bench, lollipop sticks and plastic pots. Whatever next? Well, it's another day or two before the resin is set and I've filed away all marks, wet and dry papered all the surfaces, polished and photographed their ring. How cruel am I? Very. I'm still finishing this ring, so you'll have to wait and see if it's worth it, too. By the way, I'm still working on the "bells for your toes" bit...................................
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, pendants really. It's spring and the high neck cosy jumpers are put away for a couple of months, hopefully. All that beautiful decolletage calls for more jewellery. So, I've been designing colourblock pendants to go with my geometric "Block" range of rings. I'm very fond of this green block pendant and I haven't stopped wearing it since "handm@de" Cambridge earlier this month. I like to wear the same shape ring and pendant, but in different colours. I've developed this chunky round one, too, to go with my spirals range of rings and earrings. I've always liked making my own findings so all my chains are going to have hand-made hooks and clasps,of course. My final challenge was for a simple, contemporary pendant and I love the result. It's a full moon that just rests on a chain and looks lovely with my crescent moon earrings. Now I get to do the best bit and play with lots of beautiful colours.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Find...Make...Wear and my exciting news

Have I mentioned this brilliant project? There's a group on flickr devoted to photos from the 'Find... Make... Wear' project by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London and artist in residence Dame Dorothy Hogg (one of her stunning pieces is pictured left). Anyone can take part in this project but the jewellery must be made from recycled materials. It's well worth exploring as there's such a diversity of styles and materials to see. http://www.flickr.com/groups/findmakewear/ Anyway, I have just spent a couple of months making recycled fabric pieces for my college project. So, I posted a couple of pictures in the group. To my absolute amazement and delight the picture below has been selected (one among many)to be on the permanent V & A web page of the project. Please visit the site and wave. I'm 4 rows down and 5 along and very happy to be there! http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/fashion/designer_residence/findmakewear_scase/index.htmlx.html

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10% Ring Sale

Rose Pink ring Originally uploaded by Quercus Silver

I've had a good day!

My Etsy treasury featuring some of my favourite UK sellers was on the front page and, to my delight, my own jewellery was on the front page later, too.

To celebrate I'm offering a 10% discount on any ring in stock (not custom rings) FOR ONE DAY ONLY.

Please visit my Etsy shop for details and take a look at my latest colourful resin and silver rings. http://www.quercussilver.etsy.com/