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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Etsy Blog - What Men Want

I am so proud that my cufflinks were featured on The Storque Blog on Etsy.

Ron, of Projector - a fabulous hand-printed tie shop -described them as "the epitome of cool"  and I'll hide my blushes, but it did make me grin.

If you've still got blokes to buy for, this article makes great reading with shopping ideas from penguins and bears to rice bowls and dog pillows.
Read more here

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Leather Ruffles Earrings

You've seen the ring, now meet the earrings.
A real surprise to me this year has been the popularity of my leather rings, like the Ruffles Ring. They started out as experimental ideas from the Ring a Day challenge using silver and recycled leather.
Now I have designed a cute pair of ruffled earrings to match. Like the rings they are a limited edition as I only have a little of this fabulous yelow leather left..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ring a Day 2010 Number 133 Embrace Blue

RAD133 Embrace Blue
Originally uploaded by Quercus Silver
Uh oh!
The pull of the Ring a Day Challenge has proved to much. Having missed months and months, I've joined again for the final jog to the finish line in Decemeber.
So may beautiful creative rings have been produced for the challenge this year, and such a great community of compulsive ring makers has grown up, I must admit that they are  awe inspiring .
Now I've started again I realise how much I miss the buzz of seeing what everyone is doing and stretching my own little grey cells.
Hope you'll come and take a look at some of the amazing talented artists out there.  http://www.flickr.com/groups/rad2010/pool/with/5190183910/

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gorgeous FP from Steinschmuck

I had to share this vibrant Etsy front page, The collection, mostly of fellow Artisan's Gallery members, was made by Michele of steinschmuckdesign and is full of energy, don't you think? I was delighted that my new indigo cuff links were here, too. For more about the Artisan's Gallery Team on Etsy check out our blog.http://artisansgalleryteam.blogspot.com/

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Etsymetal Team Anniversary Giveaway and Sale

As  you  know I'm a very proud member of that illustrious Etsy jewellers' team known as EtsyMetal. 
We are  celebrating our 4th Anniversary this month and to celebrate this in style we  will  be having 4 $50 gift certificate giveaways the last 4 Fridays of October. 
For all the info on how to join in there's a Facebook Page or the Etsymetal Blog will have all the latest details of the fabulous jewellers having exciting sales - and the winners  of the giveaway. 
I'm having a sale, too and adding new things all the time. So do pop into my Etsy shop and see what's new!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Featured! My bumper Etsy weekend

I was delighted to be featured twice this weekend on the Etsy front page for all to see. It's great visibility for my shop, of course, but I am also really proud to have been in such beautiful treasuries by 3Dots and  MQuin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to build a Pop-up Shop

It seemed like a great idea. A group of 10 local artists, designers and makers getting together to open a gallery in an empty shop. Most of us hadn't met before, but we'd all studied at Bath Spa University or Bath City College and wanted to showcase our work. The local council were willing to rent a three roomed shop in a good location, just off the main shopping street. We could have it for three weeks. Why not?

inside the shop

Two weeks ago, we unlocked the doors to our adventure. We were greeted by peeling walls, filthy windows, an old concrete floor and tatty red window frames. This was going to be our gallery? It took paint, lots of paint, and scrubbing and begging of display cabinets and making of bunting and painting of signs and drilling of holes. A little rough round the edges, maybe, but we opened just three days later.

Our next big challenge was the marketing. Everyone worked their contact lists really hard to publicise our brief existence. I set up the usual Facebook, Twitter etc and I've written my first press release, thanks to wikiHow. Oh, and we had a proper wine-fuelled Private View where we all got to relax for a couple of hours.  

 We've really had a wonderful, positive response to our Pop-up Shop. People want to support local artists, they want to see more of this kind of gallery. So, ring your local council, see what they've got, use those empty shops. Most of all, it's been fun to meet other artists, a few more have joined us along the way, worth all the work and I've learnt so much to take to the next adventure in pop-up land.

The Pop-up Shop, Bath - open August 15th to September 3rd
Monday to Saturday 10.30 -5.30
Sunday 11-5

The Pop up Shop, Bath artists are-Su Trindle(Quercus Silver), Tina Seviour, Suzanne Owen. Lynne Radford, Aurora Pozniakow, Adele Christensen, Rebecca Shields, Anna Robson.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The hullaballoo is over

Memento silver and gold brooches
Now the hullaballoo of the end of course exhibition is over I can look back at my City and Guilds Design and Craft course through a pair of rose tinted, funky spectacles. 
All that drawing-painting-printing-sketching-cutting-sticking-piercing-filing-soldering-pickling-enamelling-etching-gilding-polishing and polishing and polishing seems worth it, after all.
Africa Rings in silver and copper
Recycled fabric necklace
It was such a luxury to take 6 weeks at a time to develop a new design, 2 whole hours every Monday to concentrate on artwork and all afternoon in the workshop where I got to try out new techniques with expert advice(thanks Mel Sproat) and a group of like-minded jewellery obsessives.
Script silver necklace
I recall moaning a lot and really struggling at times, but I have to admit, I enjoyed the agony of it all and I'd recommend this practical design course to anyone. I'd like to share these pictures of some of the pieces I produced from such diverse themes as Africa, mechanical, script and memento. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Christmas in July

Please don't mention it to my boys, but it's Christmas in July.
At least it is on Etsy.  This is a  great annual event for finding summer sale bargains and runs from July 15th to July 22nd.
I'm offering free worldwide delivery on all my handmade, contemporary silver and resin jewellery.That's free shipping across my shop, including custom orders. Oh, yes and I nearly forgot to mention,  I have a special Christmas in July sale section for extra savings on lots of lovely things, like the ring pictured here.
This event is only for a few days, so grab your winter coat,  listen out for the jingle bells and come shopping at Christmas, in July.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birth of a Bangle

Are they cuffs or bangles? I tend to call them bangles, cos I like the word.
My carved skinny bangles were really popular last summer and I wanted to add some bigger, chunkier designs to my range.
They've taken a while to develop, so I thought I'd share a little of the process with you.
Back in April, having sketched out the shape and dimensions for my design, I made a mold from plastic - I used recycled plastic bottles - and poured a rough cast in modellers wax. Then I spent days filing and carving the wax til it was as smooth and comfortable as I could make it, leaving little trails of wax shavings wherever I had been.
Raiding my boys Lego stash, I built a sturdy mold to hold this wax master. Lego is great because it's so quick and doesn't leak. This new cast is in silicone rubber. It's a little expensive but gives great detail to the cast and the mold can be used again and again. It needs to cure for a few days, if you can wait.
After nearly 3 weeks, I still didn't know if the bangle would look good. So I was a little nervous and excited when I un-molded the first full resin cast. I used a combination of indigo and pesto green pigments to colour the resin and once it had set (another 24 hours) and I had polished and finished the bangle. I don't think I've taken it off since.
Now, after all that work, the fun really starts and I can play with techniques and colours using my own, handmade, original mold. You can see them all (except my green one, s'mine!) in my Etsy shop
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

OOh, Etsy Voter!

Indulge me and allow me a minor swank, if you will.
My Urban Square cuff links were in the Etsy Voter for Grads, this week. Sadly, with my usual efficiency, I only found our when the lovely Clare of ClareBears told me!
I'm very proud to say, they did pretty well - many thanks everyone who voted -and were featured on the front page.
I love making cufflinks, and I like to think of them going off to weddings and graduations and interviews, adding confidence and a little hand-crafted English style to the wearer.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Idyllic Prize

How Happy am I?
This week I received the most beautiful  original art print from Jo Bradford of GreenIslandStudios.  Jo is a talented art photographer and I've hankered after one of her prints for ages.
I was delighted when I won this evocative image of a Cornish harbour in a competition on her blog .
Cornwall is a very special place to me. Every year my family spend some time on the beautiful Cornish coast, pottering about in the harbours, exploring coves and hoping the sun will keep shining. By the way,  necesseties for an English summer holiday are swimsuit, sweater and wellies, usually all worn at once!
Jo gets to live in this magical part of the UK all year round. She says of her work "My photographs are often described as having a dreamy, painterly quality"  and they do.  Have a look at her Etsy shop and wallow in her beautiful, nostalgic artwork.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is Treasury East?

Etsy has a new way to collect together and show off all your favourite things and it's called Treasury East.  You can create a kind of mood board of 16 pieces, on any theme you like. You just need to be signed up to Etsy  It's a great way to find new shops, themes or ideas. I love going through people's shops and choosing my wishlist, so I've already made 5 new treasuries.
Take a peek and see if you share my shopping mood.
Primary  my colourful first.
Earthy Treasures beautiful browns and blues
Indigo Whispers from AG Team members in glorious intense indigo
Metal Love some great modern jewellery for my friends on the Etsymetal Team
Cherry Picking Fresh picks for the European Street Team

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New!! Abstrakt Summer Earrings

Here's a sneaky peek at my new range of earrings.
I've designed them in my favourite  abstract,not-quite-geometric shapes, for an effortless modern look.
Perfect for summer parties they're made of lightweight, durable resin and my new fresh, breezy, grown-up colours with my signature speckled finish.
They'll be available from my Etsy shop and my new UK online store over the next week. I'm also introducing FREE shipping on all earrings in my Etsy shop, from Monday 26th April.
I hope you like them.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Creative Process: How do you plan and organize for design?

Oh yes! It's time for the Etsymetal Blog Carnival. This month we're blogging about our creative process and our work spaces - I can't wait to see what my fellow jewellers have on their workbenches, are they neat and tidy or is there a weeks worth of dirty coffee cups?
I confess, I'm a sketchbook junkie and most of my designs are visually led. When I start a new design I always start with my heaps of magazines, books and postcards. I have a small moleskin in my handbag to record anything that catches my eye in a museum or gallery, and one by my bed for late night inspirations.
Then there's the one I work up my designs in, pictured here are my drawings for the etsymetal charm swap.

Oh, and I have my "Recipe Book" with a drawing and cutting list and notes on any design I need to reproduce frequently.
Then, I'm at college one day a week, so I also have a sketchbook, a design book, workshop book and design sheets which all weigh a ton and are full of references and  drawings - like the one here.

Well, something has to give,right?
So here is a picture of my bench, taken 5 minutes ago. I'm in the middle of making some new resin pieces which you can see on my main bench, and I'm making rings for "Ring a Day" at my soldering station.
This is such a personal place to me that it's hard to be objective about it. Everything  looks organised to me, but probably only to me.

Take a look at these other Etsymetal Jewellers' Blogs (let me know how tidy they are).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alphabet Rings - There's more

It's no good, I just can't choose a favourite with these.
I like the ergonomic, curling "J" and the simplicity of the "M" and "Q", but I also love the funky "L" and the impractical but playful "P".
Taking a closer look at the shapes of letters has been great fun and could easily become an obsession. In fact, I'm starting to fret about finishing them.
I may have to start all over again.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alphabet Rings

I started this series of rings as part of the Ring a Day project, though the original impulse came from my college project - on letter and script.
My idea was to take simple letter outlines and make them into wearable, interesting, rings.  I've designed them using capital letters and used square silver wire for a clean line and modern paired down look.
The results so far are pictured here. At the moment I'm making them to order, so if you fancy your initial or want to spell out rude words on your fingers, just get in touch!
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Sunday, March 07, 2010


RAD 64 Ultramarine
Originally uploaded by Quercus Silver
My new blue is a rich and spring-ful ultramarine. When I was mixing the colour I was thinking of cobalt, but that is a lighter hue, I think. This is on the blue-violet side of things and I wish I had eyes this colour.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Etsy-versary

To celebrate my exciting first 2 years on Etsy, I'm offering Free Shipping worldwide across my shop, today only - Monday 22nd February.
When I set up myQuercus SIlver on Etsy, I was really nervous about the whole process. Would people like my work? Would it be a happy experience? Could I work out how to use my camera?
I shouldn't have worried. I'm glad to say Etsy has been a great move for me. I've met so many interesting and talented people, in the UK and all over the world. and honestly, it's been positive and supportive and challenging.  Most of all, I get to share the thing I love doing most. What more could a girl ask for?
Hmmmm  - apart from more shiny lovely tools.
Oh, yes. And it's snowing again in Bath.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ring a Day up to 32

RAD - Mosaic 2
Originally uploaded by Quercus Silver
Another 16 done. I can't believe it!
These are pretty speedy rings and I am often surprised by the result. They seem to grow from whatever material is to hand, from a bus ticket to a pot of unset resin.
When I decide to make a ring in metal it's usually inspired by one of the quicker rings. I'm hoping to re-visit some of them and develop them further.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog Carnival - My favourite Ring a Day

The Etsymetal Blog Carnival, is in town again. This month the theme we're all blogging is our favourites from the Ring a Day project on Flickr, There's some amazing and inspirational work being made. Just how am I supposed to pick one favourite?
Well, I'm going to cheat and share a couple of rings which are playful, interesting and made me smile.

MikeandMary have produced some works of wonderful whimsy, but I love this tea kettle. It's so poised.

Danielle Miller's balloon blower. This is a fun idea and a great image. I want one of these!

This ring from Metalriot shows a decidedly warped sense of humour- isn't it intriguing?

This is just a glimpse of the amazing variey of styles on show. I feel I've hardly scratched the surface, there are so many I want to show you.....Norsolas rice box ring, Chris Parry's book ring, Experimetal's beaded crotch............. I hope you can  take a minute to look at the links below to see other Etsymetal jewellers and their favourites from Ring a Day.


Ring a Day 2010

One of the most exciting new challenges, for me, so far this year has been the Ring a Day project on flickr.
I'm a member of the Etsymetal Team, and a fine, creative bunch of metalsmiths they are, too. 
One of the team, Nina Dinoff, started this project to make a ring, every day, by any means, in any material . Open to all, it's a real creative boost and has a wonderful buzz to it. 
Pictured here are my rings so far. Mostly, I've used recycled materials, like leather scraps, an old diary, even kitchen string. It's a great opportunity to try new materials and ideas lurking at the back of my sketchbook . Why don't you join in?  Oh, and  keep an eye on my flickr uploads for my version of the ring cycle.
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