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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Winchester handm@de

I don't know. The Craft Fair at Winchester loomed large for months and I thought I'd never be ready and then, "whoosh" it was all over. Here's a collage of some of the lovely stalls and even lovelier people at the sale. Alice of Raspberry Fairy did a fabulous job orgainising it all.
Can I send a "Thank you " to everyone who came over to say hello and biiiiiiiig huuuuugs to those who bought some Quercus on the day.
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  1. Hello,

    I was your neighbor at Winchester :) It was really nice meeting you. Your jewellery is beautiful. I am saving up for that beautiful round ring I tried on. I'm glad it went well and you had a good day :)


  2. Hi Su, it was really lovely to meet you on Sunday. Im sorry to pounce on you but me and laurence were both so excited to talk to you and to see your work in 'real life'. I bought one of your opaque pink bangles and havent taken it off since, it is so lovely to wear. The promised link to my blog is amyrwyatt.blogspot.com theres some photos there of my fmp work and hopefully some more in the future.
    I hope the rest of the day went well for you, your husband and son made very friendly stall holders.