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Su Trindle is a British designer and maker of sculptural modern silver and resin jewellery. My favourite place to be is my small workshop in my garden. I work alone, singing along to the radio striving to create beautiful well-designed, contemporary jewellery and make a living at it. This last is important, not just to my creativity and ego but to help feed by boys and the dog.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jewellers need more jewellery

My lovley man bought me a present this week. How lucky(and spoilt)am I? A wire-wrapped, beautifully-made, perfect fit, gorgeous ring form Revonav on Etsy. He has a truly fabulous shop and I feel this may be the start of an interesting collection. Take a look for yourself. http//revonav.etsy.com/
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  1. it's such a lovely ring! and it looks fab on too :) i'll go and have a look at the shop...